Why Should You Go For Cash On Delivery?

Cash on delivery is prominently known as OD, and it is one of the most prominent terms that you can come across whenever you are shopping. Cash on delivery (เก็บ เงิน ปลายทาง which is a term in Thai) means that you have to pay cash whenever you get a product or a service on your doorstep. Under this guide, you can learn about all the benefits of cash on delivery while ordering from the Facebook marketplace.

You Can Check The Order Before You End Up Paying.

The best part about using cash on delivery is that you can be assured about the product you will receive. If you feel that the product is not correct, you don’t need to pay for the product anymore. Additionally, you don’t even have to complain about that product and keep on checking about the refund part. This delivery option will allow you to buy any product from anywhere else if you find the temperature better. At the same time, you do not even have to lose anything if your order is not received on time. You do not have to wait for the seller to refund the money, or you would be forced to accept any other alternative if you cancel your order.

Security Of The Payment

Cash on delivery is your best bet if you are purchasing something from different online sellers like Facebook marketplace or Shopify. You do not have to worry about the platform at all, but it is just that the online payment system on these platforms is not entirely Secure. Additionally, some marketplaces only accept payment in some terms, like some apps or other panels. Hence it is always good to go with the cash on delivery part because then you do not have to download any other mobile app or wallet to pay the money.

You Have Time To Arrange The Cash.

Cash on delivery will give you all the freedom to even cancel your order if you are running out of cash. There would be times when you have ordered something and you have just been out of cash. Even though these situations might arrive rare, it is not something surprising. There might be moments when all your resources are dried, and you need some money, especially if money is stuck in a place. Cash on delivery will help you in such moments, and you can arrange for it instantly. 

Hence cash on delivery is your best bet.