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Protect and Preserve Your Professional Legacy
Complimentary Practice Evaluation

Risk Evaluation

We evaluate 6 areas of risk, including the availability of specialty providers in a Clinician’s geographic area.

Continuity of Care Planning

We help providers avoid liability by creating customized plans that refer patients/clients to providers in the event of unexpected death or disability.

Emergency Closings

In cases where there is no continuity of care plan in place, we manage the logistics of closing the practice, and ensuring appropriate provider referrals for patients/clients.

What are people saying? Testimonials say it all...

"Getting my Practice-Legacy plan is an important goal checked off of my professional bucket list. Phew!"
Julie, Ph.D. - Sacramento CA
"This is exactly what I have been looking for if my practice ends abruptly."
Heather, MFT Oakland, CA
"I experienced a feeling of relief after becoming a subscriber."
Alex, MD Los Angeles, CA
"The online registration forms, and customer service, are excellent!"
Michael, LCSW San Diego, CA

Our missions are 1) to ensure the continuity of patients’/clients’ mental health care and 2) to protect mental health providers’ estates from ethical-legal risk.

At Practice-Legacy.com we ensure Practice Continuity.  Working closely with you, we create a customized plan to ensure that if you’re unable to continue in your practice that your patients are referred to mental health providers, as agreed upon, in advance, by you and your clients/patients.

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