I Enrolled My Baby In Right Brain Training (And I Don’t Regret It)

Brands create various products and solutions to profit from mums and their young ones. They invent unnecessary appliances and create crazes that can surprisingly fool parents into thinking they could benefit from them. I honestly thought that right brain development activities for babies were a fad that would pass within a year or so—but I was wrong.

Learning About Heguru Method And Their Right Brain Training Classes

I learned about right brain training after reading about it from a blog I follow. The writer, a fellow parent like me, signed their kid up for these baby classes in Singapore to help their kids become more visually aware, imaginative, and creative.

Initially, I questioned their decision to enrol their toddler in an educational programme at a young age. I thought this right brain training class robbed the babies of the joy of being young, active, and carefree. But after hearing more stories about such lessons and their impressive benefits, I looked into right brain training before considering enrolling my little one in a class specialising in the programme.

While researching right brain development activities for babies and learning what they can do for young minds, I came across the Heguru Method—a facility offering right brain training programmes to Singaporean kids. Despite still feeling sceptical about their lessons, I enrolled my child in their programme. I thought I would never know if such baby classes were worth getting without trying them out.

My Experience With Heguru’s Right Brain Development Activities

Heguru Method’s toddler classes in Singapore last for about an hour and are suitable for children aged six months to three years old. Unlike traditional preschool programmes, their lessons are parent-accompanied and encourage mums and dads to participate in their right brain development activities for babies.

Initially, I felt shy about being involved in Heguru Method’s baby classes. However, their teacher helped me feel comfortable during the lesson by gently nudging me to be more participative. Moreover, seeing fellow parents bonding with their little ones encouraged me to have fun with mine.

The toddler classes involved various activities that aim to improve attention span and photographic memory. Teachers also tell stories that fascinate young minds and even mums and dads like me. Moreover, these lessons stimulate the child’s brain while connecting with their parents and classmates.

While I understand that it will take time to see if the Heguru Method helped my daughter become more imaginative, creative, and perceptive, I think their lessons are worth getting since they challenged her brain. Their toddler classes in Singapore also allowed us to bond while getting to know other parents and kids in our neighbourhood.

Thanks to these baby classes, I gained a few mom friends with whom I could talk about my motherhood-related concerns. My little one also had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that could help her become brighter.

If you are still unsure about signing your kid up for a right brain training class, this is your sign to do so and let them share a fun activity with you. Check out Heguru Method’s website to learn more about their programmes.