5 Tips For When You Write an Appeal For Your Singapore PR

People apply for PR for various reasons. However, many people receive rejection letters. It can be frustrating and discouraging. Although you can reapply after six months, you can send a rejection appeal for your Singapore PRapplication to ICA within that period. Here are some tips on what you must do when you write an appeal letter.

#1 Learn the Address Properly

Sending your letter to the proper recipient is crucial. Otherwise, the appropriate department will fail to review your appeal for your PR application rejection in Singapore. It would be preferable if you could discover the email address, but you may alternatively hand-carry or send it to this address:

Permanent Residency Department

ICA Building

10 Kallang Road

Singapore 208719

Address your letter to the Immigration Controller.

#2 Examine All Occurrences

Determine where you have made errors in your application for PR in Singapore. These touchpoints are some issues to cover and expand on in your letter.

#3 Describe Your Intentions

It is critical to be precise and brief while composing your message. Ensure you explain why the denial is unbiased by giving all relevant data, such as your work status, social life, and other accomplishments or contributions in your application for PR in Singapore

  • Relatives with Singapore PRs or Citizenship
  • Time spent in the country
  • Highlight your achievements or efforts at work.
  • Tell us about your plans (Intent to apply for Citizenship, Setting up a business, etc.)
  • Other aspects that will influence your social integration

#4 Include Your Application ID

You are provided with an application number when you apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore. Do not forget to include it in your appeal letter.

#5 Review and Edit Errors

You do not want to waste your time on another failure you can avoid. It can be challenging to compose your letter of appeal. However, the agency might also reject your appeal letter if you let minor errors such as misspellings on names and other vital facts slide between the cracks.

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