My Uncontested Divorce Journey In Singapore

Falling in love was scary, but falling out of love was scarier. At least, that is what I learned from my 12-year relationship with my ex-husband before we sought an uncontested divorce in Singapore.

My husband and I met at the university when we were still first-year students. He was an engineering student while I was in communication. He was funny and sarcastic. Although we bicker a lot, he was thoughtful and a real gentleman.

Falling in love was scary for me since it was my first time. Can we commit to each other while going through the university? That was the question I pondered a lot, but eventually, we gave in. We started dating during our sophomore year in university.

Years after our graduation was tough, but we made it through. Three years later, my ex-husband proposed, and we got married. I thought marriage would bring excitement into our lives. After all, it is a new chapter of our lives. But maybe that’s what happens when you’ve been together for almost a decade before getting married.

We knew we were falling out of love with each other, and separating was inevitable. On our 12th of being together, we decided to get a divorce in Singapore.


The first step was to look for a law firm to help me with the divorce procedure in Singapore. Lie Chin Chin provided a great family lawyer to guide me in the journey.

Before filing for divorce, my husband and I knew it was going to be an uncontested divorce. The first stage was filing the divorce documents. The papers I prepared were the Writ of Divorce, Statement of Claim, Statement of Particulars, Request for Setting Down Action for Trial, Spouse’s consent to Simplified Uncontested Divorce Proceedings, Draft Interim Judgment signed by both parties, and Affidavit of Evidence in Chief.

During this stage, my ex-husband, his lawyer, my lawyer, and I discussed the agreements post-divorce, such as the division of our marital assets and more.

Since we were childless, there was no custody issue. Custody issues were one of the reasons why some divorce cases in Singapore are extra difficult.


After settling the agreement, we submitted all the papers to the court. It took the court one month for the interim judgement. We also attended the hearing for the divorce. Thankfully, my Singapore divorce process was smooth, courtesy of my awesome lawyer.

The judge had found no fault in the agreement, so our case was extracted to the final judgement. It took more or less three months before my ex-husband, and I got the Certificate of Final Judgment, finalising our divorce.


I was pretty surprised at how smooth our divorce procedure in Singapore was. It was even easier than when we were planning our marriage. But you must remember that every couple’s predicament is not the same. Maybe I was lucky that my husband and I were transparent about our assets, we were not demanding, and we had no child to complicate things.

Nevertheless, I can say that having a great divorce in Singapore helps people to go through the divorce process smoothly. So I highly recommend the Lie Chin Chin family law firm for people seeking a divorce. Visit Lie Chin Chin today.