5 Job Opportunities You Can Have With Chinese Skills

Someday in the future, your children will choose a career for their lifelong vocation.  They can be doctors, make-up artists, writers, translators, etc. Although there are numerous choices, only a few people have the privilege of broader career options. Skills play a role when it comes to job opportunities. The trick to having more flexible options is to learn languages, especially Mandarin.

So, as you enrol your children in a Chinese class for kids in Singapore, here are some possible jobs they can choose from:

1. Chinese Language Teacher

Many people all over the world want to learn Mandarin because of the opportunities it offers. Of course, they need a teacher to guide their learning journey. Plus, teachers are an essential part of society. So, enrol your child in Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers to open them to teaching career opportunities.

2. Translator

Since China is a prosperous economic country, there would be more businesses interested in partnering with them.  Your children can also be translators with their Mandarin skills, allowing multiple business owners to reach more clients internationally.

 3. Tour Guide/Travel Experts

For those who have a wandering soul, learning Chinese may be a good choice! When your children attend a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore, they can talk to different people in Chinese. Hence, they can become travel experts because they are comfortable using a foreign language.

4. Legal/Medical Interpreter

Many foreigners are living in Singapore, and some of them can only speak Chinese. Hence, you can be their legal/medical interpreter with Chinese knowledge and help them understand complicated things. Attending a Chinese class for kids is better because you can start them young and be familiar with the complexities.

5. Culture Ambassador

China has a significant influence on the whole world, especially in Southeast Asia. There are many Chinatowns in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.  Hence, when you learn Chinese through a Chinese speech and drama in Singapore, you can become a cultural ambassador.

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