Why Should an Indian Student Go Abroad for Undergraduate Education?

In recent years, many Indian students have started opting to pursue their studies abroad. There could be many reasons behind this, such as an advancement in education, an easy admission process, diversity of educational pursuits, and better career prospects.

Undergraduate students tend to find quite a number of opportunities with foreign universities. After clearing 12th Boards exam, you can choose your undergraduate degree and course in your preferred globally acknowledged universities.

Opting to pursue an undergraduate degree abroad also helps you avoid the competition in top-tier Indian universities. The cut-throat competition in Indian universities can sometimes lead to a major setback in your career. Even after scoring high marks in the examination, getting into a top Indian university can be difficult due to high cut-offs.

On the other hand, pursuing an undergraduate degree abroad helps Indian students plan for their postgraduate studies and employment opportunities.

Study destinations like Singapore, the USA, the UK, and Australia are some of the most popular destinations among Indian students.

Here are some main reasons why pursuing your undergraduate degree in a foreign country can be the best decision for an Indian student:

1.  Flexibility of courses

One of the most fascinating parts about choosing a foreign university is the availability of diverse courses. While some courses in India can only be pursued as a short-term or diploma course in India, a foreign university might provide an in-depth graduate degree in that field. It allows a student to gain deep insight into the course of their choice and grow their skills.

It also allows a student to pursue a degree that might not be available in India. Moreover, foreign universities also design degrees with plenty of practical activities and internship opportunities. It is a driving factor to ensure a smooth transition of a student into his future career.

Another great advantage of studying overseas is the availability of scholarships and funds. Many foreign governments and organizations provide amazing scholarships for students to study abroad. If you have been an excellent student with high scores, your chances of getting a fully funded scholarship are high.

Universities also design scholarships to cover some percentage of the tuition fees that helps to aid a student’s dream of pursuing their dream education.

2.  Building connections

The Alumni culture abroad is strong and much more influential than in India. These Alumni groups form a strong network of scholars in different fields.  It creates an opportunity for international students to be part of such networks for better job opportunities and bright careers.

When you think about it, studying overseas will also allow you to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures. It will help broaden your horizons and create a diverse mindset. These traits look attractive on resumes as major big companies look to go global and operate in international markets.

3.  Better employment

In today’s competitive world, excelling in one’s career is no longer an easy feat. It requires a strong skill set and in-depth knowledge of a field to gain success in your career.

As famous and successful companies are always looking for talented and unique individuals, an undergraduate degree from abroad can be your roadmap to your dream job.

When you pursue your degree abroad you gain extra skills like language skills, communication skills, administrative skills, and many more. All these factors lead to higher chances of getting selected in the company of your choice.

An overseas undergraduate degree also gives an option to work in a foreign country and settle abroad. It also gives better job security and chances of scoring a high-paying job.

While choosing to pursue education in a foreign country can sound intimidating, it can lead to a plethora of opportunities for your career ahead. Check here for more information.