What Is Audiology, And Who Is An Audiologist?

Before diving into the details of “Audiology in Queens,” let’s have a brief idea of what that is first. So, what is audiology? Audiology is the branch of science and medicine that deals with hearing. Specifically, it deals with the therapy of people having impaired hearing.

Who Is An Audiologist?

An audiologist is a person who is specialized in this study. They use the existing technology to find the best possible solution to any hearing defect. They are responsible for managing the disorders relating to hearing. They identify and assess various cases and find solutions for those disorders related to hearing. Most audiologists have a doctor of audiology degree.

What Does An Audiologist Do?

An audiologist combines technology with medical science to find various hearing disorders. They treat patients ranging from newborns to veterans. They select the appropriate hearing aid or other hearing devices needed for a person. They are responsible for educating people on the various conditions that affect hearing, like noise, thus helping them prevent hearing loss. They also participate in research dealing with multiple hearing disorders or balance system dysfunction. An audiologist thus usually provides the following services:

  • Hearing Exams
  • Selection, Fitting, And Servicing Of Hearing Aids
  • Treatment Of Balance System Dysfunction And Tinnitus
  • Hearing And Speech Rehabilitation Programs

They have sufficient knowledge of human vestibular and auditory systems and have extensive training in the accurate fitting and maintenance of hearing aids.

What Are The Possible Diagnostic Tests That An Audiologist Might Ask You To Perform?

Diagnostic tests are necessary to understand the disorder better that a patient faces. Some of the most common diagnostic tests that are asked by an audiologist are:

  • Auditory Steady-State Response Testing
  • Immittance Measures
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Visual Reinforcement And Play Audiometry

The type of diagnosis depends on the symptoms you are facing. An audiologist narrows down the testing options after learning about the patient, family history, and signs.

What Are The Treatment Options That An Audiologist Provides?

The diagnosis results help an audiologist select the most suitable treatment for you. Most hearing issues are resolved using an auditory rehabilitation consultant with hearing aids. Cochlear implant pre-evaluation and post-implantation care is also standard treatment for hearing loss. An audiologist might also help you with counseling to improve your communication.