Motorcycle Rallies And Shows That Are Organized In The US

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Bike Rallies in the US

Here are some of the bike rallies that are organized in the US.

  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 

Sturgis in South Dakota is best known for hosting bike rallies for bikers from around the globe. The trend started in 1938 and continues since then in August of every year. The initial racers were 24 when the trend started and has reached more than 750,000 bikers in the rally that was held recently.

  • Denver, Colorado Motorcycle Rally 

This event is held in January of every year in Denver. This massive event hosts thousands to millions of bikers from around the globe in the bike rally. Every year, the tourists travel to Denver specially to participate in this motorbike event and get their motorbike shipped with the help of the local automobile transportation services.

  • Daytona Bike Week 

This event started in the year 1937 and is organized every year in Daytona. This is an event that is organized for 10 days and hosts around 500,000 bikers from around the globe. The event will be associated with day and night parties, entertainment for the families, and so on.

  • Irvine, California Motorbike Rally 

The beauty of this motorbike event is that it is not only a rally event, but is also an exhibition of some bikes. The interested buyers can even make a purchase of their favorite bike at these events. Many motorbike manufacturers use this event to display and also sell their recent additions to the world of motorbikes.

  • Las Vegas Bikefest 

This rally event is not as famous as the other events in the US but has never failed to attract bikers from around the globe wherever it is organized. This rally will be held in the October month of every year.

  • Chicago, Illinois Bike Rallies 

Just like any other bike event, Chicago Illinois hosts bike rallies for the interested bikers. There are no age barriers to participating in this rally and the interested bikers can even enjoy purchasing the bike of their choice while at it. While the elders enjoy their bike rallies, the children can enjoy many events that are exclusively organized for them.

Many such bike events are organized in many states in the US, and millions of bikers travel just to participate in such bike rallies.