Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board

Standup paddle boarding is becoming quite popular around the globe. This is mainly because it is accessible and suitable to people of all ages and SUP accessories and equipment are readily available.  Today, there are tons of paddle boards to choose from whether you want touring boards, all-rounders, surf boards, race boards, or inflatables.  Inflatable boards from the best SUP store are a perfect choice for SUP and they have immense benefits. Here are reasons why you should get an inflatable paddle board.


Inflatables offer paddlers an easy way of traveling with their SUP and accessories. Traveling around with an inflatable paddle board is hassle free. This is because you can easily load it in the car, take it on the place, and move around with it everywhere. Inflatables are ideal for adventurers, travelers, explorers since they can travel conveniently with the SUP and avoid renting or shipping boards.

Stability and Durability

Inflatable standup boards give room for error. Inflatables tend to be extremely durable and they can survive whatever the oceans and rivers have to offer. With the stability of inflatable stand up paddleboards, they can withstand fitness activities including SUP pilates, SUP yoga, and many more. These Honu paddleboards are also softer and they tend to bounce off of objects when they are dropped or knocked against walls to avoid or reduce damage to the board. This makes inflatables perfect for adventurers and beginners.


SUPs are not small boards and are usually massive equipment that requires adequate storage space that many people do not have. This makes inflatable standup paddleboards convenient with regards to storage. If you lack space, having a board that can be rolled up and fit in the smallest space is an ideal fix. With an inflatable SUP you do not need a board rack, a large storage room or garage. Inflatables are ideal for elevators and staircases, condos, and apartments.

Dog Lovers

Inflatable paddle boards are the best choice for people who love standup paddle boarding with their dogs. Inflatables usually give pups more stability and they are not as slippery as hard boards. Furthermore, inflatables are ideal for dogs since they will not scratch the board. You can enjoy lots of time in the water and have fun with your furry friend when you have an inflatable SUP.

Enhanced Safety

Inflatable boards from Honu are a less dangerous choice when choosing the perfect paddle board. Although these boards can still cause damage to you or other boards, the chances are usually lower than the damage you can get from a SUP hard board. Inflatables are softer when compared to hard boards and this makes the safer for people who make contact with it and lowers the risks of injury.

Inflatable SUPs are not only awesome because they can fit on a backpack, however, inflatables are more than just SUPs. This is true, especially when you are on an adventure since you can use your board in a variety of ways. You can use your iSUP as a bed for sleeping in a tent, use it as a table, and it’s a great way of hauling gear. There are so many reasons to get yourself an inflatable from