Remove Allergens: 5 Ideal Spots to Place Your Air Purifier in Singapore

​​The placement of air purifiers should not be taken lightly. Misplacement may increase the risk of breathing in indoor pollutants. Knowing where to place your air cleaner in Singapore will increase its effectiveness. By positioning the air purifier from Singapore correctly, there will be fewer airborne contaminants that could harm your body.

Additionally, an air cleaner generates less noise and requires less maintenance and filter replacement. You and your family will be happier and healthier if air quality is consistently improved.

Here are the optimal locations for placing your air purifier.

1. Close to Pollutant Sources

The closer an air purifier in Singapore is to a source of air pollution, the more quickly it can remove harmful particles and improve air quality. For instance, if pet odours are a concern, place them near the litter box or where your pet sleeps. And if tobacco smoke is a concern, position it close to the smokers or in areas where smoke seeps. If you are concerned about a musty mould odour, place it near the mould-infested area. Regarding external pollutants such as wildfire, close all windows and carry an air purifier wherever you go.

2. Distance It From Electronic Devices

The performance of an air cleaner in Singapore is compromised when placed near household appliances such as an oven, microwave, or television. As the electronic appliances may operate at similar wavelengths, interference may result. Allow 2 to 4 feet of separation between an air purifier and any electronic devices.

3. Near The Door

Place an air cleaner in Singapore near the doorway to prevent harmful airborne pollutants from entering and clean air from escaping. Dust, hair, and minute particles stirred up by the in-out movement and door opening/closing get cleaned by the increase in horizontal air circulation. The air purifier by the door will operate in silence when placed further away. Simultaneously, it will maintain the room’s air quality and shield you from inhaling irritants while you work or sleep.

4. More Than One Place

Some air purifiers are light and portable for room-to-room purifying. You can maximise usage and improve air quality by bringing it wherever you go. You can place an air purifier in the living room during the day while you watch television, work, or play with your children. Then, you can bring the air purifier into your bedroom at night to purify the air while you sleep. Determine the air cleaner’s performance and capacity. Having a separate air purifier in Singapore for each room to target airborne contaminants separately is unquestionably more efficient.

5. Spacious But Enclosed Areas

The optimal location for an air purifier in Singapore is an indoor open space or room. It can remove airborne particles from all orientations despite a few obstructions. And by opening the doors, the air purifier’s air flow circulation can also cover multiple rooms. For optimal airflow distribution, avoid placing the unit in confined spaces, such as beneath a shelf, inside a closet, or behind furniture, a bed, or a lounge chair, which would obstruct the air intake and output.

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