My Knight In Shining Armour Is An Online Math Tutor From Singapore

Math is a tricky subject in general. Even students who typically enjoy going to school would admit the same thing since math is a complicated subject for everyone. It involves equations that need to be solved the long way if you want a precise answer. Long processes are confusing and have always been something I struggled with understanding. Primary math was easy at first, and I admittedly enjoyed it at the time. Still, as soon as I went to secondary school, everything became intimidating and a lot scarier. Numbers had letters, and the equations we had to solve stretched longer than one centimetre. At that point, I knew that I needed a secondary math tutor from Singapore.

Desperate Times

I asked my mother for an online math tutor from Singapore the same day she told me that she believed in me. It was nice to hear, but it implied that she didn’t want to get me a tutor even though I really needed one. She told me that paying for a tutor might be a waste of money, especially when I could just ask my dad for help. My dad has helped me with my homework countless times, but it doesn’t help me improve if he doesn’t explain the process he took to get to that answer. ‘I answered them for you,’ he would tell me as he handed back my notebook. I could look over his solutions a hundred times, but nothing will make sense to me unless it’s explained adequately.

I tried my best to believe in myself the same way my mother did, but every single time I listened to my math teacher, I found myself in an even deeper hole of confusion. I asked my classmates and friends for help, but they also found it a challenge. ‘I got a primary maths tutor back when I was younger, and it helped me a lot,’ one of my classmates said, which convinced me further that I needed a tutor to survive the upcoming exams.

Desperate Measures

I went home that day and desperately begged my parents to give me a tutor. I told them that I did my best to ace the subject on my own, but it was far too challenging for someone like me. I knew deep down that an O level math tutor in Singapore could save me from my demise, and I hoped my parents would see it too. They had to think about it for a while, but they eventually agreed after realising that it might be worth the costs in the end. I promised them I would make it worth it by passing the math O level exam.

As soon as I got an online math tutor from Singapore, my life changed drastically, and I was able to finally understand the equations and solutions presented to me. I thought math would always be a challenging subject, but getting a tutor proved to me that all I needed was someone who could walk me through it at my own pace. I found solving mathematical problems fun, and it ultimately helped me pass the O level exam as I promised. My parents don’t regret leading me to my knight in shining armour.

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