Mega Path Announces Its New Nationwide Ethernet Network

Now, Mega Path Corporation. – among the finest individually held finish-to-finish facilities based provider with 16 experience answering the very first requirements of companies connected having a size – announced its offers to increase its Ethernet over copper network close to 680 central offices (COs) by mid 2012. The big event will make the biggest nationwide Ethernet networkand make MegaPath Corporation. the key factor nationwide Ethernet over copper services provider.

MegaPath’s Ethernet deployment originated last year when Covad, who merged while using the carrier, launched within the LA market. Presently, MegaPath provides Ethernet over copper service from 200 COs, and offers to provide services to 200 additional COs by year’s finish. Next, MegaPath gives you services for that residual 280 by next summer time.

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For the build-out, MegaPath is utilizing the ADTRAN Total Access 5000 multi-service platform. Based on Pasha Mohammed, the director of product management for access services for MegaPath, the multi-service platform allows the carrier to include Ethernet over fiber this year.

As being a leading worldwide provider of networking and communication equipment, ADTRAN Corporation. includes a outstanding portfolio exceeding 17,000 solutions. The connecting abilities of ADTRAN’s VDSL2 and EFM enables MegaPath to provide around 100Mb per second symmetric services, while concurrently offering download speeds greater than 400Mb per second.

ADTRAN’s carrier Ethernet and optical solutions marketing manager, Kurt Raaflaub, noted that the increase in bandwidth is a result of greater modulation u . s . states . with depleting to eight pairs of copper. The director of product management for ADTRAN, Kevin Morgan, further described the extra development can it be is MEF-acquiescent and so, conserves customer precedence’s legitimate time traffic.

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Morgan also asserts that MegaPath’s new speeds are 4 to eight occasions more than DSL and 6 occasions greater than most Ethernet over copper solutions. MegaPath’s SVP Chief Technology Officer, Amair Hussain, stated “ADTRAN could be a market leader that is enabling us to push we’ve got we have got we’ve got the technology envelope, and the reliability brilliance Service standards which are important absolutely free themes.”

Morgan ongoing to condition that although most business Ethernet solutions have formerly been symmetrical, now traffic patterns are beginning to become more and more more asymmetrical, using among the reason may be the employment of intrinsically asymmetrical cloud delivery models.