5 Hidden Benefits Of A Touchless Faucet In Singapore

Bathrooms have a special place in our hearts. Some people even consider bathrooms as their haven. Who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing cold or hot shower in a comfortable bathroom? People upgrade their bathroom accessories in Singapore for aesthetics, function, convenience, and sustainability.

If you are upgrading yours, you should include a touchless faucet. Here are the benefits of touchless bathroom taps in Singapore:

1. Prevents germ spread

Faucets are known as fomites or objects that carry and spread diseases. With a touchless faucet, you don’t have to twist or lift the knob to open the tap. Therefore, you prevent acquiring and spreading viruses and bacteria.

2. Conserves water

There are situations where people leave their bathroom taps open. It leads to flooding of your wash basins in Singapore and waste of clean water, a scarce resource.’

Apart from using water-conserving toilet bowl accessories, you can save clean water by using a touchless faucet.

The touchless faucet automatically closes when not in use using its sensors. Thus, no accidents of leaving the tap open and keeping the water bill running.

3. Easy to clean

Dirty hands don’t have to twist a knob to open bathroom taps in Singapore with a touchless faucet. It means that the faucets do not accumulate dirt and germs.

Additionally, they are easy to clean, too!

4. Accessible design

Its accessible design makes touchless faucets a must-have for each household. Children and adults, especially those with problems with their hands, such as arthritis, can open the tap effortlessly.

Many establishments use these accessible bathroom accessories in Singapore to cater to people with disabilities.

5. Prevents mould and mildew buildup

Touchless faucets seal water more tightly than other bathroom taps in Singapore. Trickling water from the faucet encourages mould and mildew growth around the mouth of the faucet.

The hidden benefits of touchless faucets are indeed touching. What are you waiting for? Get one now.

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