4 Tips To Enhance Your Visitor Management Experience With Security

Every facility needs to be protected while staying welcoming to visitors and clients. Investing in a CCTV and access control system in Singapore is ideal. Nonetheless, visitor experience matters as much as protecting your business against the risk of unwanted or unauthorised ‘visitors’.

Making a positive client and visitor experience to your premise creates a positive impression that can help elevate your business. Here are a few ideas you can do to enhance your visitor management experience with a security system:

Have an automated digital logbook

Gone are the days when you’ll have to write everything manually in a logbook. Checking in and out is made much more efficient and secure via automation. While getting a CCTV system in Singapore will protect your premise, a digital logbook will provide records of anyone coming and out of the building. It provides convenience to visitors while maintaining that your business site is secure.

Have a user-friendly VMS system

The visitor management system not just offers security but also productivity and efficiency. It helps enhance the visitor experience since it’s one of the first devices your visitor will interact with before gaining full entry. Therefore, ensure that your visitor management system has a user-friendly interface for ease of usage.

Have a branded experience

Does your visitor know where they are once they’re inside the building? While you might invest in an office door access system in Singapore, you should customise your VMS and access door system with your brand. Always have their experience associated with your brand company.

Have an accessible self-serve kiosk

A self-serve kiosk adds more convenience for each visit by placing them in an accessible location. You can have the device placed in an area after the door. It prevents your visitors from having the need to knock through doors.

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