4 Things You Must Do Before Trying Self Gags

No doubt you’re curious about self gags. You’ve watched tons of videos, read several books and even joined online communities of gagging enthusiasts. As things stand at the moment, you really can’t wait to have your first gagging and blindfold experience. Relax, it’ll be fun. You’ll enjoy every bit of it. Before then though, always keep in mind that the whole thing is pretty much like a game. That means there are rules you should follow.

Be Neat

There’s be body contact – lots of it. As such, your partner should find it very easy to have fun with you. Body odour and being unkempt are raw deals you must do everything within your means to avoid. So before calling over a partner or going to their place, do your part as far as hygiene is concerned. Clean up. Shave if you have to….and yeah, have clean towels at hand.

Talk About Small Details

There are subtle details that sometimes sound or even seem insignificant. Do not, for whatever reason, forget about such small details. For instance, you should agree on whether or not you should use protection. Your partner will be gagged and at your mercy. That doesn’t mean you get to have your way with them. You may also have to agree on the kind of language you use as well as the names you’ll call each other. Once you get such details out of the way, brace yourself for exhilarating fun.

Come Up With A Plan

Self gags are cool, but they aren’t cool when you don’t have a plan. Come up with an exciting plan. Agree on the roles you’ll take. Agree too on how long either of you will remain gagged and blindfolded.

Ask For Information

This applies to newbies. You could have the most expensive self gags complete with sexy blindfolds and a wide range of other costumes. If you don’t know what to do with the regalia though, you’ll end up bored. To avoid that, learn as much as you can about self gags. Ask around from those who are into it. By the time you’re ready to dive into the pool of gagging, you should’ve known the basics.