Your Cancer Diagnosis

If you have just received a cancer diagnosis, you must be going through various emotions. Try not to panic. There are plenty of ways to cope. The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are plenty of resources to help you through this difficult time. Here is everything to expect to experience after your cancer diagnosis:

Feeling Numb or Emotional 

It may take some time for the news to sink. A cancer diagnosis may feel that the world has stopped spinning, and numbness takes over. Or, you may feel an overwhelming wash of emotions that you cannot grasp. It’s normal. Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. 

Ask Questions

The more you know about your diagnosis, the better. People feel less stress when an open line of communication is evident. Go over the next step to treating your cancer, what the treatment is like, and how to move forward. 

Keep Loved Ones Close

Do not shut your family or friends out during this time. You will need them the most. The feeling of loneliness arises because you may be the only one going through this diagnosis. Allow people to help you. Likewise, reach out to them if you experience signs of depression. Always ask for help if you begin to feel down about yourself or your situation. 

Find Care

There are plenty of resources to help you find the care you need. Such as Cancer Center Newport Beach-based, can walk you through treatment and what to expect during your diagnosis. The best thing to do is keep a positive attitude. There are people who want to help you. You need to reach out and accept their help.