Why your business should always prioritise email validation?

No matter how many marketing tools and techniques come and go, a good email validation tool never gets old. This always remains a marketer’s top priority thing to do. Talking about email validation, the term holds alot of significance for businesses. A brand trying to sell its products first needs to market its product well. For marketing, email is sent to a large population. Now the available emails, some might be fake, or some might not be in use, whereas a very less percentage is actually real. Let us first understand how the Email validation tool works in case you are planning to buy one. This article is going to get you a great understanding of the same-

First, the tool will filter out invalid email addresses. After that, the tool will look if there is any spelling mistake with the email ID. Finally, the tool will send a mail to the email addresses. If it gets a response, then it means they can deliver the email to this email address. The tool will also check if a specific email address puts your mail in the spam or not. It is so beneficial, which is the reason why people want to get this tool for their business. Listed below are a few reasons for the same –

  • Better deliverability results

With the help of the email validation tool, all the invalid emails will be filtered out then you can easily get better deliverability results. Deliverability results are nothing but knowing how many times the mail reaches and gets to the mailbox of the potential customer. If you are not using the email validation tool, then you might end up getting alt of complaints because of sending the mails.

  • Better engagement rate

Now, if you are selling a product and you are mailing in bulk, then certainly you would want your engagement rate to be at least 90%. But without using an email validation tool, the engagement rate would not even be 10%. Engagement rate is like a basis. You have to know whether the products from your brand are being properly marketed or not.

  • Getting loyal customers

Once you have filtered all the invalid mail addresses, you can end up getting loyal customers for your product. The leads which are being generated will get converted into sales with the help of an email validation tool.

Initially, you might not be willing to invest in the email validation tool because you would think that it costs too much. So you can start with using any free tool for email validation. Eventually, you can shift to a paid tool because, obviously, the reliability of the paid tool would be better. Investment in an email validation tool will only be an investment for the business which will reap its benefits in the long term. In case you are a start-up, then this tool will be a game change to boost sales for your product or the services you provide.