What kind of salmon should you buy – A Quick Post 

Do you wish to make salmon tonight? Well, it’s a versatile fish. You can add it to a curry, grill it, or even cure the fish and put it on a slice of bread with some cream cheese. Mouth-watering dishes can be prepared with a salmon fillet. Let’s not forget – people love eating salmon. This should make all the doctors happy because it keeps your heart healthy. 

If you are new to the fishy world, we’re here to extend some help. 

Buying salmon can be a little confusing for first-timers. Keep reading the post as we have some helpful tips for you. Let’s get started! 

Tips to Buy the Perfect Salmon for Dinner 

  1. There are two kinds of salmon fishes – farmed and wild. Fishing wild salmon is considered illegal in the United States, but the good news is you can find it in Montreal, Quebec. Farmed salmon is not as good as wild-caught salmon. Moreover, most of the farms make use of crowded pens and this is where the salmons could easily get lice. Ideally, opt for wild salmon and skip the farmed one. 
  2. What should a healthy and delicious salmon look like? It should be firm and have a deep red color. These are the two things you need to check while buying salmon. If you are ordering it from an online store, make sure you read the description. It should be boneless with skin-on. 
  3. Is frozen better than fresh? Well, most of the salmon you get in the market will be flash frozen. The idea is to keep the freshness intact. Make sure the store has flash-frozen and sealed the salmon package. 
  4. What are the different types of salmon? Well, you can find sockeye, Atlantic, chinook, coho, and pink and chum salmon in the market. Sockeye is preferred by most people as it has intense flavors and is perfect for grilling. Atlantic is farmed, but it’s a fatty fish. Environmentalists are not exactly happy with the Atlantic salmon; thus, you can go for Sockeye or Chinook. 

Summing up 

We hope this article gave you an insight into how you can purchase a salmon fish in Montreal. You can try out Papa Earth Wild caught salmon – it’s tasty, flash-frozen, sealed, and the quality is great. The products are affordable too. 

Grill it up, serve it with some yummy veggies, and enjoy the health benefits.