What is the Use of a Space Maintainer?

Your child may require a space maintainer from a dentist in Albany, CA, if one of their primary (baby) teeth has fallen out. Like a retainer, space maintainers are intended to prevent the teeth adjacent to a missing permanent tooth from shifting. They can be built of plastic or metal. 

Pediatric dentistry often uses space-maintaining orthodontic equipment. Space maintainers’ main job is to regulate the loss of infant teeth early enough. Furthermore, space maintainers aid in avoiding overcrowding, malocclusion, and other dental problems in kids.

Use of space maintainer

  • Ensures the proper alignment of the adjacent teeth

The fact that space maintainers maintain your child’s teeth in their correct positions is their most significant advantage. When you lose a tooth, your neighboring teeth will naturally move toward the empty socket. This might severely impact your child’s dental development if it happens before their permanent teeth appear. Space maintainers prevent the teeth from shifting and retain them in a suitable place.  

  • Promotes Proper Permanent Teeth Eruption 

The “pathways” that your child’s permanent teeth follow when they emerge are formed by their baby teeth. If they lose a tooth, the permanent tooth may not come in correctly as they develop and mature.

However, by keeping teeth from moving after tooth loss, a space maintainer helps safeguard your child’s mouth and supports the usual eruption of permanent teeth. 

  • Minimizes the need for orthodontic treatment and braces

You may save thousands of dollars in orthodontic care costs with the help of a space maintainer. This is due to the fact that you may reduce potential orthodontic problems by helping the permanent teeth grow into your child’s mouth correctly. The permanent teeth may emerge prematurely and become crooked, requiring braces and additional orthodontic procedures if the space created by your child’s missing tooth is unprotected. 

You may keep your child’s mouth healthy and prevent costly orthodontic treatment by having a space maintainer fitted immediately, as they lose a baby tooth early.

  • Gives no pain

The space retained for your youngster is unlikely to bring any harm. After it has been implanted, the first few days may be a little uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that your child will need to adjust to how it feels and that, like a retainer, it may apply a little pressure on the teeth while it settles into the right position. 

On the other hand, the space maintainer is not painful at all, and there is no discomfort. Your kid will likely forget it is there after they grow used to it!