Wall Mold Can Wreck Your Walls, So Be Very Cautious

In most houses, it has been seen that there is a watermark on the walls. This grows fungus in your wall due to, which damages the texture; we call it dampness. This fungus attracts many germs and diseases, affecting people’s health. Few companies are there that work on these things to eliminate this fungus. So they apply mold removal solution (น้ำยา กำจัด เชื้อรา, which is the term in Thai) to clear out all the specks of dirt they had created.

What Are The Causes Behind It?

  • Suppose the drainage system of your house is not working correctly and causing leakage, due to which the house has accumulated moisture and turning the room moist.
  • Inseffient sunlight can lead to this as the room moisture is not dried out, creating a swampy atmosphere.
  • Too much humidity during the rainy season also absorbs moisture from the air, leading to damp walls and later turning into fungus.

The rooms must be airy and sufficient sunlight must enter the rooms to soak up the moisture.

How To Get Rid Of It?

Firstly, try to use a brush or a scrubber to remove the dark mold from the walls. Now alcohol acts as a mold removal solution. Applying it to cloth will help you remove the dark mold.

Secondly, bleach can also be applied, don’t apply directly; try to mix it with water as it contains chlorine, so direct application on th walls can fade the paint. Spray the mixture on that affected area and scrub it. You can see a visible difference after a few days.

Thirdly, detergent or any anti-fungal solution will also work, but you must use it for a few days.

After washing and scrubbing, the paint on your wall will fade a bit, so to make it shiny few steps are needed

  • Add an anti-fungal solution at first.
  • Then add the primer.
  • Paint it with your favorite color.

So by following these processes, your wall will give a different look without the damp mark on it.

There are many ways to restrict mold, and only you need to maintain proper ventilation in your rooms. Keep the windows open and don’t soak the wet clothes inside, as the walls easily attract moisture and create infuriating damps. Do check the cracks, as they can cause damps. Most importantly, before painting the house, apply an anti-fungal solution so that you must not face this problem in the future.