The Search For Commercial Gym Equipment

I have always been a guy who had a passion for fitness. Many people who work out do it for the sake of moulding their bodies into their ideal form. On the other hand, I work out because fitness is something that I find liberating. There is something so satisfying about putting in the work and effort to achieve a healthy body. I don’t want to gain muscles to show them off and attract other people; I want a body that will last for a long time and can at least help with tasks others can’t. There was a time I was able to help a lady who was struggling to lift several sacks of rice. I did it without breaking a sweat, and she instantly commended me for how effortless I made it look. She asked what commercial gym equipment I used to get to this state, and the question was all it took to spark an idea in my head.

The Goal

From that interaction, I decided that I wanted to open my own gym to help promote fitness. I know that an idea like this cannot be easily done without working hard for it, but I was determined to bring it to fruition nonetheless. If anyone had a good concept of building a healthy workout routine and what gym equipment they should be leasing, it was me. I was that confident in what I was capable of. When it comes to goals, I never turn my back on them unless I can see that it’s unattainable.

Step One: Location

The first step I had to take in this plan was to find a commercial property that was big enough to fit at least fifty people and various gym equipment. I knew that finding a property within my budget while also fitting my vision would be difficult, but I didn’t think it would take me three weeks to finally find one. Upon entering the space, I could already imagine gym flooring from Singapore spread across the ground. It made me feel accomplished, and I was already looking forward to the next step in my gym ownership journey.

Step Two: Gym Equipment

The next step was to worry about the gym equipment. As much as I would have liked to skip this step and move on to something else, I knew deep down that this was a vital element in gyms. A gym wouldn’t even be called a gym if it had no equipment. I instantly searched the internet for a gym equipment supplier in Singapore. Although I found several, most had leases that seemed far too expensive for my wallet. I had to dig deeper into the search results until I finally spotted a site with manageable prices. They also had most of the equipment that I was looking for! It honestly felt like hitting a goldmine.

Step Three: Trainers And The Final Product

After I gathered most of my friends who were willing to become gym trainers and had all the equipment moved into the property, I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. The gym looked perfect, and I did it all independently with a few helping hands on the side. The business was slow at first, but it gradually improved to the point where some folks made it their personal gym.

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