Sex Toy Kits: Adult Shopping Made Easy 

What is a sex toy kit? In a sex toy kit, you get several items/tools/accessories that are part of an overall experience. Sure, you can buy each one individually, but will it cost much more in the long run? Some stores take the time and put together a sex toy kit meant to cover all the bases of your upcoming pleasure adventure? It’s best if we look at a few examples of sex toy kits so you have the complete picture of what you can expect.

  • Bondage Kit
  • Anal Training Kit
  • Couples Getaway Kit

Bondage Kit

With the popularity in recent years of certain mainstream bondage films, many newbies have branched out into the world of BDSM. For this reason, bondage kits have been devised for all levels of game players. There are beginner bond kits that may come with a satin mask, fuzzy metal handcuffs, and a small leather flogger, for example. Leveling up, we find more creative kits that might include hand and leg cuffs, a flogger, a mask, a leather collar with a leash, a hogtie connector, a ball gag, and a Japanese silk rope. Of course, there are more intricate levels of bondage kits to be had, but you certainly get the full picture of this type of sex toy kit by now.

Anal Training Kit

Anal training requires trust and patience. Anal training kits provide you with all the tools necessary for a pleasant and interactive experience. For example, most of these types of sex toy kits come with three sizes of silicone anal plugs ranging from small to large. Most include anal-specific lubrication as well. More advanced kits may come with stainless steel or glass plugs or plugs that allow viewing into the orifice, while others may include an inflatable tool for slow opening pleasure. These kits are set up to provide a full experience from beginning to end.

Couples Getaway Kit

This type of kit is packed full of accouterments, ready to please both members of the playful party. In this type of sex toy kit, you might find a feather tickler for applying any assortment of flavored body dust or lubricants. Massage oils and Kama Sutra playing cards might also be found in this type of kit, as well as bubbles for a bath and candles.

The whole point of a sex toy kit is to make your shopping experience easier and your erotic experience fuller. Now that you are brimming with curiosity, it’s time to get online and see which sex toy kits are right for you!