Play more exciting, challenging, and exclusive contests with these MPL like apps

Are you fond of playing challenging, exciting, and interesting contests on the internet and online? Then you must have experienced them on various MPL like apps. Many apps offer you challenging and exciting contests and tournaments to be a part of. And if you win those contests and tournaments, then you will be rewarded with real money and a bonus on your account.

The same winning amount you can utilize on playing further contests on the Getmega gaming app. But only a few apps like Getmega allow you to withdraw your winning amount due to scam reasons. However, most of the apps will only allow you to utilize those winning amounts in playing the game. Meanwhile, there are many apps through which you can play and enjoy contests without investing any single penny. And also offers you the signup bonus as soon as you log in to your account.

Furthermore, if you are looking for more MPL like apps, then the below list is the must know. The below article will guide you about various apps to enjoy exciting, playful, and challenging contests.

Winzo gold 

Winzo gold is the top MPL like app that provides the feature of earning and playing both. Also by referring the contest or game to any of your friends, you will be rewarded with some money. And as soon as he or she wins or adds up the amount for playing contests, you will get some amount from there also. This is the one app through which you can not only play in contests and tournaments but can also win a huge amount. Many players who are fond of playing exciting and challenging contests opt for winzo other than MPL.


Loco is the platform that allows you to play live quizzes. There are many people in a contest with 10 questions. While the player who answers all the 10 questions correctly and in less time will be awarded the prize money invested by the other players of the quiz. Everyday quizzes are organized at around 10 pm at night and on weekends there are two rounds of live quizzes, one will be held at 1.30 pm and another will be at 10 pm. If there is more than one winner. Then the prize money will be divided between all the winners in the same ratio.


Just like loco and MPL like apps, through qureka also you can play various types of quizzes. Every day at 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm sharp, the content is being conducted for Rs. 20000. There are many players and everyone needs to answer 10 out of 11 questions correctly. Meanwhile, the one who guesses 10 correctly, will be termed as the winner and is rewarded with the winning amount. However, it is the same as loco if there is more than one winner. Then the winning amount will be shared in an equal ratio.

Stick pool club

This stick pool club is very similar to the game of 8 ball pool. But unlike an 8 ball pool, you cannot not only enjoy this game. But this game also offers you the opportunity of earning while playing. You can play this game either with the points earned or through cash. But if you are a beginner to this MPL like app, you should start playing this game with points first. And later you can play the same with cash too.

These are some of the MPL like apps through which you can enjoy challenging, exciting, and interesting contests right from your smartphone. So, start playing the contests from the above list of apps and Getmega.