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Nomad Capital – Developing the ultimate living experience


Real estate investing may be a successful and fulfilling venture yet finding the appropriate real estate investment opportunity for you is a terrific way to add extra income or make it your only source of income, whether it be through wholesaling, purchasing, or renting real estate. A real estate investment firm may be an ideal business venture for you if you are searching for a home-based experience that will test your capacity for problem-solving and offer the possibility of a significant return on investment. The many types of real estate investment strategies offer a different approach for your particular skill set and the number of funds you have accessible.

Although, few other businesses offer the same potential revenue as real estate investing, making it a very alluring method of earning wealth. However, doing it alone and entering a turbulent market might be risky. It can be challenging to navigate real estate investment’s financial and legal concerns. However, thousands of people try it every day, and the intelligent ones succeed.  Nomad Capital is an excellent illustration of it. It is a Portuguese company that invests in, develops, and promotes real estate. It started as a division of Mansour’s 2014-founded Optylon Group business, which he and his partners founded. 

In 2018, Alexandre Mansour founded the company. Before that, he served as the Managing Partner at the French Desk Capital Management in New York City. The amenities and goods provided by Nomad Residences combine the luxury of a top-notch hotel with the comforts of home. Their most recent construction, Nomad Bay, is a luxurious resort in Carvoeiro, Algarve. The 74-apartment development is scheduled to debut in the 2023 summer. With intentions to expand into additional countries, including France, Nomad Capital is now active in Portugal and the Netherlands. 

American clients are particularly receptive to them since they see many similarities between our projects and the goods and services they are accustomed to receiving at home. We are working on several ideas, claims Alexandre. Our main objective is to expand our operations in the Algarve, where we anticipate the next real estate bubble in Portugal. As the market developed, Portugal began to thrive with full-time foreign residents, mainly seniors from Northern Europe and young businesspeople in the real estate, tourism, food and beverage, and hospitality sectors. 

As a result, demand for more upscale projects, services, and amenities increased. Nomad Capital was established to buy, design, and develop luxury serviced residences and resorts. Nomad Residences promoted Portugal as a foreign market while concentrating on the international markets of North America and North Europe.  Alexandre states that they also plan to construct the first Urban Resort in Lisbon, named Nomad Residences. He says that by utilizing our expertise and experience, continuing to innovate, and being on the cutting edge, we hope to establish ourselves as the top development partner for serviced and branded residential projects in Europe. In the long run, we think there will be demand for our goods and services in many European cities. In 20 years, the need for branded residential properties will likely increase and nomad capital is busy developing the ultimate living experience!