Learn How To Clean Ball Screw Bearings The Easy Way 

The main components of a ball screw are the screw, wipers, ball, holder, nut, and return tube. The threaded shaft serves as the screw, while the ball assembly serves as the nut. Numerous qualities exist in them, including great accuracy, extended life, and minimal pollution. These goods are generally applicable to industrial machinery, including transport equipment, electronic machinery, industrial machinery, and precision machine tools. 

Ball screw BNT, (บอลสกรู BNT, which is the term in Thai) bearings are crucial in a wide range of applications. By utilising many ball bearings to transmit the load between both the screw and nut, ball screws provide an effective way to convert rotational motion to linear motion. Because the breakdown of a product can generate several significant issues, bearing upkeep is always in the spotlight. The upkeep can be carried out using a variety of techniques. One of the most straightforward methods among them is cleaning. 

Learning More About Cleaning The Bearings 

Let’s learn more about cleaning these bearings right now. Ball screws frequently have some kind of shielding or case, but even the best-protected screw can occasionally become contaminated with dust or debris. As a result, appropriate cleaning becomes quite important.

You must first separate the components from the machine before cleaning them. Make sure the environment is constantly pristine. The next step is to repeatedly rotate the nut mechanism all along the screw length while holding it under flowing water. Then put it in a little jar with an aqua or natural cleaning solution. There are still a lot of steps to take. 

After that, you should take it out of the cleaning solution and pat it dry using a cloth. Check for dirt in the bearings by rotating the nut all along the screw length. If you are unsure as to whether it is cleaned sufficiently or not, unscrews the screw from the nut after this. With a pair of tweezers, you may then remove the bearings from the nut. When removing the bearings, take care to avoid dropping, damaging, or losing them. Industrial degreaser should be used to clean the single bearings and any other screw components. With a rag, thoroughly dry the parts. 

How Often Should You Clean The Ball Screw Bearings? 

The ball screw bearing would be cleaned once you’ve finished all of the aforementioned processes. The ball screw may then be put back together after you simply change the bearings in the nut mechanism.