I Needed More Space At Home So I Rented A Self Storage Unit

I do not want to call myself a hoarder, but I do have quite a bit of possession at home. I collect books because I enjoy reading. I also own and display various art pieces, most of which are products of my friends’ creative minds. Moreover, I hate throwing items since I always think I will use them in the future. But recently, I noticed that I no longer have much space in my HDB unit—causing me to rent a self storage unit.

I initially did not want to find a storage space near me since I did not want to accept my problem with letting stuff go. Moreover, I have always thought storage companies only accept business owners as clients. But after I recognised that I had to make some room in my flat and learned that homeowners like me could rent storehouses, I decided to look for a facility that offered storage spaces that could address my needs.

Learning About A Safe Place Self Storage And Their Storage Units

While browsing the Google search results I got after typing ‘storage space near me,’ I came across a facility called A Safe Place Self Storage. Unlike other storage companies, they have attention-grabbing promos—which made me want to check their website.

At the time of my inquiry, A Safe Place Self Storage offered me a month of free storage and complimentary transportation services. They even gave me a few cardboard boxes and a masking tape roll since I chose to rent their medium vault, which measured 50 sq ft. Due to their promotions, I can confidently say that every bit of money I paid for their self storage unit was worth it.

A Safe Place Self Storage further impressed me with their facility and solutions due to the number of security cameras in and around their establishment. Moreover, their clients can only access their safe keeping storage spaces using an assigned keycard, making their facility safer than other storage companies. They also work with a trusted pest control expert in Singapore to prevent rats, cockroaches, termites, and other pesky bugs and critters from damaging my treasured belongings.

Reaping The Rewards Of Renting A Storage Unit

After renting a safe keeping storage from A Safe Place Self Storage, I immediately experienced the many advantages of having a separate storehouse for my possessions. I had more moving and breathing space at home, allowing me to comfortably walk around without bumping into appliances, furniture, or knick-knacks I do not plan on using soon.

Moreover, renting a safe storage space made me realise that my precious collection of books and art receives more protection at a storage facility than at home. I may not be with them for many days or weeks at a time, but I feel confident that they will not face any danger at A Safe Place Self Storage due to the number of CCTV cameras and security personnel at the establishment.

If you are like me—whose growing collections have been taking up a significant amount of space at home—I highly recommend A Safe Place Self Storage and its safe self storage units. You can check out its website to learn more about its impressive storehouses.