How To Make Your Eyebrow Embroidery In Singapore Last Longer?
Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is a form of cosmetic tattooing on the eyebrows. This process uses fine disposable needles that inject pigments beneath the skin superficially. But instead of just filling the empty spaces with colours, eyebrow embroidery mimics the hair strokes to ensure the natural appearance of the eyebrow. But since eyebrow embroidery is similar to tattooing, just like the lips tattoo in Singapore, it is prone to fading, too. But there are ways to make your eyebrow embroidery.

1. Don’t wet your eyebrows.

Never wet your eyebrows in the first five days after your best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore; otherwise, you may experience pigment loss. Moreover, soap dries the skin, triggering the peeling, which contributes to pigment fading. When showering or washing your face, apply a plastic film on your eyebrow that will serve as a barrier against water. You can find and buy these films in pharmacies. Avoid going into the sauna or doing activities that make you sweat profusely. Sweat can also wet your eyebrows.

2. Do not apply lotion or other skincare products.

Lotion, toners, and moisturisers have several effects, including peeling. Make sure to avoid applying it to your eyebrows and nearby areas. However, it is safe aftercare cream your doctor may prescribe you after the procedure. It can reduce itching and skin dryness.

3. Do not pick the scab.

It is typical for scabs and fluid-filled sacs to form in the eyebrow. They can be itchy and tingly, which may prompt the person to pick the scab. However, rubbing the scab makes you prone to infection. They also ruin your misty eyebrow embroidery. Let the scabs fall off themselves. Applying the aftercare cream can reduce the discomfort caused by scabbing, so make sure to use it.

4. Avoid wearing makeup
Avoid wearing makeup when your eyebrow embroidery is fresh. There are three primary reasons why you should shy away from makeup. Firstly, makeup can have peeling effects. You don’t want the pigmented skin to peel or else the colour will fade. Secondly, applying makeup also means you have to remove it. Rinsing it with water or a makeup remover can fade the eyebrow embroidery pigment. Lastly, applying makeup makes you prone to infection, especially if makeup brushes are not cleaned regularly. Brushes harbour bacteria and direct contact with raw eyebrow embroidery can cause infection. You don’t want the eyebrow embroidery price you pay to be in vain, so ensure to avoid applying makeup in the first week.

5. Get touchup

It is natural for the eyebrow embroidery to fade weeks after the procedure. It is also the reason why clinics offer free touchups weeks after the eyebrow embroidery procedure. Your aesthetician will make corrections if needed with your eyebrow and ensure the pigment settles on the skin properly. As long as you do these tips, you will never have to worry about your eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. With proper care, your fleek eyebrows can last up to a year. Do you need a lash lift and tint and eyebrow embroidery? Get them at Lebellbrow Studio. Visit Lebellbrow Studio today.