How Should You Install Your Split Air Conditioner?

Installing your new system is a critical job. If the installation is done precisely your AC unit will offer optimum air conditioning, yet if it is not done effectively, you won’t get the preferred cooling effect. An inadequate installment likewise causes constant upkeep problems.

Several variables need to be considered during the installation of split AC.

  • The toughness of the wall to hold the AC

The indoor unit of Split System Air Conditioning has to be installed on a wall surface solid sufficient to hold the system’s weight.

Correct spacing between wall surface as well as air conditioner unit. The indoor system of split AC requires at least 15 cm of open room bordering its top as well as sides for correct air circulation.

  • Proper installment elevation from the ground

Mount the interior unit of split AC at a height of 7 to 8 feet in the air for appropriate cooling inside the area.

  • The proper tilt angle of the indoor system

While taking care of the aluminum bracket on the wall make certain that the bracket is given a minor tilt angle, to make sure that the interior system of split AC, when fitted is at a mild angle to make it possible for the unlimited circulation of the condensed water from the drain pipeline.

  • The right location of the exterior system

For appropriate air conditioning, install the indoor and also outside systems of split AC at a location far from straight water and sunlight. Mount the outside device of split AC in the open room to make sure that there is no obstacle to the heat dissipated from the condenser.

  • Appropriate positioning of the outdoor unit

The outside system of split air conditioning must be placed on a flat, as well as stiff surface. This system consists of essential parts of split AC like compressor, fan motor, condenser, etc. If the system is out of a flat surface area, then it will shake exceedingly, which can cause the damage of copper pipes, coolant leak, as well as condenser/compressor damages. Further, the vibrating unit makes great deals of sound which can disturb you as well as your next-door neighbors.

  • Right distance in between outdoor and indoor system

The right range between the interior as well as an exterior unit plays a vital function in air conditioning. The coolant at extremely reduced temperature level streams inside the copper tubes in between the interior as well as outside devices of split AC. There is some loss of cooling result to the atmosphere when the refrigerant streams between the units. 

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