How a Video Wall in Singapore Boosted my Business

When I finally got the opportunity to open up a retail store for my business, I knew the first thing I had to do to help it rise was to invest in eye-catching marketing tactics. While I already had retail signage to make the name of my business known, I wanted to take it a step further and ensure no one who walks by forgets my brand. Here’s how using an LED video wall from Singapore made my business rise.

How and Why I Got a Video Wall

I consulted with the company that created my retail signage on other tactics I could employ to improve my brand image and make it more noticeable to potential customers. They convinced me to use a video wall from Singapore – after all, nothing is more eye-catching than a giant screen. While these video walls are usually reserved for events, I put one beside my retail signage instead so that it’s the first thing people see when they walk past my store.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it work. People stopped and stared at my LED video wall from Singapore, which I used to announce best-selling items, clearance sales, and upcoming events. I also played commercials I already had in hand promoting my business, capturing people’s attention and drawing them into the store.

Benefits of an LED Video Wall

At first, I thought getting an LED video wall from Singapore for my store may be too big of a step. However, it’s much easier to manage than I thought. Here are a couple of advantages of using a video wall:

  • It’s low maintenance. Once my video wall was installed, there was little else I had to do to keep it looking good and running smoothly. While I experience the occasional glitch here and there, the company I ordered it from is always happy to help me out.
  • It’s flexible. One of the most crucial reasons I wanted a video wall from Singapore is that I could change the display to whatever is relevant. I didn’t have to get brand-new signage whenever I had to promote a sale or event.

Scaling Up: Using a Video Wall in an Event

When my brand became big enough, I had the opportunity to participate in a promotional event. As I already knew how reliable a video wall is, I ordered a larger one for the event alongside a backdrop from Singapore to make my display as eye-catching as possible. People loved my presentation, from the video wall to the beautiful backdrop I ordered that accurately represented my company. Thanks to my efforts focusing on visual marketing, my brand is bigger than ever.

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