Cirillas short and comprehensive guide on male erogenous zones

On their bodies, men have a range of erogenous zones. The majority of women believe that males have sexual emotions only in their penis, or only in the head of their penis. There are numerous reasons for this misunderstanding, but let us concentrate on spreading the facts rather than the misconceptions.

So, has put together a quick and detailed instructions on where and how to arouse your partner (Male).

The Nips & the chest: Most people are aware that women enjoy having their breasts and nipples manipulated, but they may be unaware that men do as well. We’ve overheard ladies making jokes about men having breasts. Obviously, they are missing an important piece of information that I will offer.

Although a man’s chest is smaller and flatter than a woman’s, it can nevertheless be stimulated by your touch. When you play with his nipples with your fingers or tongue, you’ll notice that they become hard, much like a woman’s. You can also lightly stroke or contour his chest and nipples with your fingertips by placing your palm over and gently massaging him. Squeeze his nipples softly at first, and then increase the pressure. Pay attention to his reactions to see how much pressure and which touches he prefers.

The Testicles and the Scrotum: The testicles, as well as the skin and contents of the scrotum, are extremely sensitive. Men may not admit it, but most of them enjoy having their testicles massaged. However, be gentle and watch his reactions. For your man, this might be a very pleasant addition to oral sex. Massage the scrotum with slow-rolling strokes in your palm. You can also use your fingertips to tickle the skin. As you go around, you’ll notice a concealed area of his penis that can be activated by stroking between the testicles or under the scrotum.

Anus and its surrounding regions: There are various articles on anal stimulation. But first, let’s go over some crucial elements for stimulating your man’s anal area. To begin, you must understand that some men, like certain women, have an aversion to any anal play. As a result, it would be beneficial to discuss this upfront. You might also rub your finger over his anus and softly massage the area to see how he reacts. Ask if you can slip your finger inside his anus if he enjoys it. You must respect his decision if he says no.