A way to download YouTube videos with high quality

1080P videos on YouTube are great because they offer better quality, sharper, and more realistic. No doubt you’ll want a YouTube video downloader to better enjoy high-definition YouTube videos, as you’ve tolerated enough spotty networks and irrelevant ads. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the different YouTube 1080P downloaders that will allow you to download high quality YouTube videos. You can watch movies whenever you want, even if you don’t have an Internet connection nearby. In addition, you can reduce your data usage.

Download high quality YouTube videos on your pc

Suitable for Windows users

iFunia Free YouTube download for Mac stands out from the competition with its streamlined design and top-notch performance. It has the following main features, in addition to letting you download YouTube 1080P videos without compromising quality:

High-speed lossless file transfer;

Get YouTube videos in 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions;

Allows videos to be downloaded from thousands of different sites, including VLIVE, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram and Dailymotion;

Easily convert movies to popular formats, including MP4, WebM and MP3;

Download playlists from YouTube with one click;

Automatically detects urls copied on the clipboard.

Suitable for Mac users

Freemake Video Downloader is a similar 1080P YouTube downloader available on Windows. Freemake Video Downloader users can save 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and even 4K quality videos from compatible websites. But it only supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. Here are its features:

Capture YouTube clips in 1080p and 4k resolution;

► Unlimited YouTube video download;

Support YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other platforms;

Making local copies of YouTube playlists;

Download a lot of videos from YouTube at once.

Download high-quality YouTube videos on your phone

* Available for Android and iOS users

YTBvideoly is an online media converter that will help users save YouTube videos as MP4 files with impressive download speeds and high quality. If you want to save your favorite music videos, vacation vlogs, or concert videos, try this free youtube-to-MP4 converter on your iPhone, Android, or just about any other device. It provides you with unlimited video downloads and conversions. Here’s how to convert a YouTube video to MP4 using

For Android:

Go to Tap the “Share” button in the YouTube app.

Make a copy of the video download URL and paste it into the relevant fields. YTBvideoly will retrieve the clip for you quickly.

(In-app sharing is a common way to access video links, but you can also open them directly in your phone’s browser.)

After selecting the video quality and file type, click the “Download” button. Then, all you need to do is wait for the download to complete.

The video will be sent to you as soon as possible. Then, you can check it anytime, anywhere.


Since iPhone Safari doesn’t support file downloads, you’ll need a third-party program to save the movie to your device. TeraBox is available as a free download in the App Store for iOS users. You can also switch Safari to another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and do it the same way as Android.

Access YTBvideoly using Safari;

Paste the URL into the input box;

Video format and quality selection;

Click the “Download” button;

Save the video to TeraBox.


As you can see, if you want to download high-quality YouTube videos, you have many options. For example, iFunia Free YouTube Downloader is optimized for Mac, Freemake Video Downloader is optimized for Windows, and YTBvideoly is optimized for iOS and Android. The above method will, no doubt, help download your favorite YouTube videos!