6 Benefits For Jet Fan Ventilation System For Fire Prevention In Car Parks

Buildings with a jet fan ventilation system around parking lots guarantee that the air circulates throughout the area. They facilitate the free movement of air from the supply zone to the exhaust zone. They also keep things moving even in places where the air is moving slowly, ensuring that it meets the ventilation needs of any area.

Does your parking area need a jet fan ventilation system? Here are more of its advantages.

  1. Saves space

It takes up less than 1% of the ceiling surface since most car parks place a jet fan ventilation system in specific locations. Compared to ducted systems, they show to be more discrete and don’t take too much ceiling space.

  1. Energy efficient

Fans can dilute pollutants without operating needlessly to save energy when using CO detection to begin CO control. Aside from that, a jet fan ventilation system is also quiet since it is smaller and operates at lower rates.

  1. Tested smoke control

Jet fans have fire safety engineering approval, providing maximum safety for people and structures. A fire risk assessment in Singapore assures adherence to fundamental legal criteria and the established protection objectives.

  1. Easy installation

There are various options for attaching a jet fan ventilation system to the ceiling, depending on considerations like other services in the parking lot and vehicle clearance requirements. The jet fans may be installed in various positions and readily integrated with other devices in the parking lot.

  1. Less noise

A jet fan ventilation system produces less noise. Because the primary extract fans are very tiny and run at lower speeds for CO management, they tend to be silent than typical systems.

  1. Reduces cost

Because it is fire safety engineering approved, it is possible to eliminate the need for fire protection walls and gates by using virtual smoke extraction. By doing so, you’ll save money on both the initial investment and any following maintenance.

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