5 Tips for a Successful Medical Exam
A check up is a routine health screening package by a doctor or other medical. Wellness exams are curative and are prompted by specific medical conditions. Physical examinations, on the other hand, are preventative. They entail a thorough examination of an individual’s health, beginning with how they feel, their medical history, and their age. The objective is to identify and mitigate any potential health problems before their occurrence. Numerous tests are performed during the evaluation, including the recommended annual blood tests. Now that you understand the distinction, let us discuss the tips on how to prepare for a quick exam or a medical check up in Singapore.

Avoid physical activities.

As per a prominent Singapore sports medicine centre, this is one of the things you must do to succeed on your medical examination. Avoid exercising or engaging in any strenuous physical activity the night before and the morning of your assessment. Physical activity may cause your heart rate and blood pressure to rise.

Steer clear of salty and fatty foods.

Salt and fat affect one’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Avoid these foods for three days before your medical check up in Singapore. Ideally, those who can do it for a week should do so, but the bare minimum is 24 hours.

Arrange for a morning appointment.

Scheduling it for the morning will assist you in adhering to the preceding tips. It enables you to fast overnight while sleeping and eliminates the need to go without coffee or cigarettes for an extended time during the day. Additionally, you will be more relaxed upon awakening, which will benefit you during the medical check up in Singapore. Start prioritising your health at a young age with Thomson Wellth Clinic through their health screening. Visit their website to see the location of their sports injury clinic in Singapore.