4 FAQs About Digital Locks for Your Home

We have relied on mechanical locks to keep our homes secure for decades, but while they are reliable, they’re not foolproof. There are books available on how to pick locks, making it accessible for anyone to break into your home if they’re determined enough. To solve this issue, you can invest in digital locks instead. But what are digital locks, how do they work, and are they safe? Here are four frequently asked questions about digital locks to determine if a Keywe digital lock is right for you.

1. How Does a Digital Lock Work?

Digital locks work in a variety of ways. Some require a card, while others require a passcode. Some, such as a Samsung digital lock from Singapore, can even unlock by identifying your fingerprint. They also usually have a key override or passage function in case of emergencies. You’ll need to carve a hole in your door to fit the digital lock.

2. Can Digital Locks be Hacked?

While there are plenty of rumours that a Samsung digital lock from Singapore can be hacked, these are all untrue. Digital locks are protected with countless encryptions that make hacking close to impossible. This encryption makes digital locks more challenging to break into than mechanical locks.

3. What Happens When a Digital Lock Runs Out of Battery?

Digital locks will never run out of battery without warning. They have a low battery indicator that will tell you when your locks’ batteries need replacing. These indicators can hold out for up to two weeks before the batteries run out. However, in case of emergencies like that, you can still unlock an Epic digital lock using the key override.

4. Can You Switch to Mechanical Locks after Using Digital Locks?

If you want to switch back to mechanical locks after trying out digital locks, you’ll have to replace your door first. Digital lock installers create a larger hole to fit in the lock since they’re usually much larger than mechanical locks. Because of this, the resulting gap is too big to replace a Keywe digital lock with a mechanical one seamlessly.

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