What Are the Criteria of a Good Champagne?

Champagne is a prestigious drink well-known all over the world. It accompanies us in the best moments of our lives. It is the drink of the celebration par excellence. But do you know how to recognize a good champagne? Here are the criteria to see to make sure you buy a great sparkling bottle.

The Look

Before tasting best champagne, you need to choose the right bottle. The first parameter to be taken into account is the appearance. It may sound too easy but the quality of the drink is reflected in the quality of its packaging. It makes it possible to assess the care taken in the production of the champagne. It is not the only criteria to consider but it is a good start. Take a look at the robe and the color of the juice. A great champagne goes from pale yellow to light-gold in general. Remember that champagne is made from white grapes. Something may be wrong if the juice is pink or red.

The Notes

If you have the chance to taste the champagne before buying it, swirl the flute and smell the aroma deeply. A good champagne has a lively smell of fresh fruit and delicate minerality. On the other hand, some champagnes smell like freshly baked bread with a hint of wet limestone. Most of the time, high-quality champagnes have apple sauce, pears and pie spices notes. Low-quality ones generally smell astringent.

The Mouthfeel

Even if the two criteria mentioned above count to recognize a good champagne, the most important thing to verify is the mouthfeel. Be careful not to confuse it with the taste. It is what makes the taste more refined. A good champagne a creamy, soft or/and mellow mouthfeel. It is subtle and soft. In general, champagnes which are too heavy on the palate are usually of a low-quality. Also note that even if the taste is pleasant, the champagne can be hard to enjoy if its mouthfeel is bad.

The Flavor

The flavor depends on the characterization of the champagne. A great brut or dry champagne has an intensely bready taste with crisp apple and melon taste. On the other side, a good sec champagne is sweeter and can be perfectly paired with desserts. Anyway, a good champagne should not be too sweet or too bitter. Subtlety on the palate is key. You will find the best champagne tasting tips on this site.