Meet the Principals


STEVE FRANKEL, PHD, JD, ABPP is a practicing licensing board defense attorney and clinical/forensic psychologist. He received his PhD in clinical psychology from Indiana University, interned at Columbia University, and served as a full-time clinical psychology faculty member at USC for 11 years, 5 years as Director of Clinical Training. A Clinical Professor at USC and a past Adjunct faculty member at Loyola (L.A.) and Golden Gate law schools, Steve has received awards for teaching excellence in law/psychology interfaces and in trauma assessment and treatment, which has been his specialty since 1980. He has authored the chapter on Risk Management for trauma clinicians in APA’S forthcoming Handbook of Trauma. His Practice-Legacy Programs LLC ® (P-LP) was created to protect clinicians, their families and patients/clients from failures to prepare for unanticipated death or disability.

Steve has worked with Mark Roseman since 1997, when both lived in Southern California where Steve and Mark practiced law. Steve was an expert on behalf of Mark’s clients whom he represented in civil actions, against their alleged perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse.


MARK E. ROSEMAN, JD is the founding executive director of both the Steve Frankel Group, LLC ( which provides continuing education courses for mental health professionals, and Practice-Legacy Programs (

As an attorney, he became a tenacious advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in 1990—a time when the national conversation on the topic was hushed and subdued. Mark was a member of the task force that drafted the first delayed-discovery statute in California to extend the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to sue for damages in civil court. He lobbied in Sacramento for the passage of the law he helped draft, Code of Civil Procedure Section 340.1, extending the statute of limitations for suing childhood predators, thereby enabling survivors access to the courts from age nineteen until age twenty-six.


DON ENDERUD, MBA is the Founder and Principal Consultant of an IT consulting firm based in Southern California. For more than 30 years he has been consulting to some of the largest finance industry firms in the United States. Companies such as Wells Fargo and ADP have relied on him for guidance and assistance in mission-critical software systems.

Don and Mark have worked on the details of creating a user friendly website for registration and enrollment of P-LP subscribers in a HIPAA secure environment.