How To Make Your Camera Sex Memorable

Set the scene

If you regularly use Zoom for work or catching up with your nan, your webcam might not have the sexiest connotations for you, so set the scene and transform your office space into a boudoir of lust. You can even call your phone sex hotline for tips to make it happen. Dim the lights, train the webcam on the most aesthetically pleasing part of your home (or your bed), play some sexy music and experiment with camera angles in advance of your date.

Arrange a long-distance date night

You first foray into virtual sex doesn’t have to be ripping your clothes off and straddling a monster dildo on webcam (unless you really want to!) Start simple and arrange a date night so you can get to know each other or familiarize yourself with chatting on video.

Set a date where you sit down in front of a webcam, have dinner, chat, and watch a movie together. It’s a simple way to connect, and you could even set aside some time to share some fantasies and feel playful.

Play erotic games

Zoom calls can be uncomfortable at the best of times. Sidestep awkward conversations about the weather by arranging sexy games to play with your date(s). You can also inquire from the phone sex hotline operator for tips. Whether it be truth or dare, pick a stick, strip poker, or playing with sex dice, your sex life is sure to stay exciting. Games can open up new levels of communication and allow you to express your most erotic fantasies with each other.

Sexting is sexy

What is sexting? The clue is in the name. Sending a sexy text to your lover can keep you both anticipating the next moment of pleasure. It’s also a perfect time to share your fantasies, especially if you feel awkward voicing them aloud. You can also open a conversation about any kink you may have and explore desires you fantasize about, but aren’t ready to explore in person.

Good old fashioned phone sex

Virtual sex doesn’t have to be on video. If you’re feeling shy, the sound of your lovers’ voice might be enough to turn you on, so pick up the phone and start talking. Tell them how you feel, what you’re wearing, and what you wish they could do to you right now. If the mood dictates, make use of the hands free button and touch yourself while listening to your partner’s voice.