Strategic Alliances



05c6654Maelisa Hall, PsyD, Owner, QA

PrepClinical Documentation: Everything you never learned in grad school

  “I consult with agencies, group practices and psychotherapists to help teach them things like how to write great notes, how to document high risk issues and what forms they actually need for their clientele. Training is my passion so I’ve created online programs that help connect therapists so they can learn from any place at any time. My goal is that everything I do serve a real need so I make sure to include plenty of real-life examples and interactive exercises in every workshop I create.”  MH



Practice-Legacy Programs has created a strategic partnership with the Practice Valuation Group to offer their valuation and consulting services to doctors, mental health professionals, and their advisors.  The PVG valuation team is passionate about developing and implementing inventive strategies that will enable doctors, mental health professionals, and their advisors to reach down-to-earth, practical, and proven solutions to their easiest as well as toughest valuation problems.  Give them a call today at 877.833.3738 or visit their website at!