4 Things You Need to Do for Proper Pressure Tank Maintenance

Whether you work for a research and development company or have a hand in the food industry, precision dispensing equipment may play a huge role in business operations. How often do you take care of your equipment? Some important components of your machines may need care and maintenance.

Have you paid attention to the pressure tanks that you use for your machines? A pressure tank keeps your water levels constant when you use your equipment and can also help in separating water and air. You will use pressure tanks for many purposes in manufacturing and research.

How can you keep your pressure tank in good condition? Here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Understand the type of pressure tank you have. You can find many types of pressure tanks on the market at a single glance. Different types of pressure tanks need different maintenance procedures. Make sure that you’re taking care of your pressure tank accordingly.
  1. Check your pressure gauge often. Observe the pressure gauge and see what pressure your tank turns on or off. Make sure the pressure tank does not have poor pressure, and that your gauge is accurate.
  1. Add or remove air as necessary. You can make use of an air pump to add in or remove air. This advice works for bladder type pressure tanks where you need air to avoid waterlogged tanks.
  1. Close faucets and check for any leaks. If you added air to your pressure tank, close any openings you have made to let air in. After that, check thoroughly for any air or water leaks. Restart the pump and see if your pressure tank works well again.

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