4 Clear Signs You Need New Kitchen Equipment in Singapore

The equipment in your commercial kitchen is a substantial investment. You want to maximise the value of your purchase due to its expense. Eventually, however, your equipment will begin to malfunction. When this occurs, you may get tempted to extend its life as much as possible, but doing so will cost you money in the long run. You must be confident in the dependability of your equipment to avoid food waste and food-borne illness. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore.

1. Frequent Equipment Repairs

It is the most obvious indication that your kitchen equipment needs replacement. Although repair and maintenance calls are unavoidable, when they become frequent, it’s a sign that your kitchen equipment is on its last legs. Although you may believe that you are saving money by opting for repairs instead of replacements, you may be surprised by the amount of money you are wasting once you start to add up the repair costs. New cafe equipment in Singapore comes with a warranty, so any necessary repairs are covered.

2. Expensive Maintenance Costs

Long periods get spent in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Frequent equipment failures due to deterioration can be expensive for a business. There may come a time when repair expenditures exceed the cost of acquiring new appliances. When oven repairs exceed half of the cost of a new UNOX oven in Singapore, it is prudent to consider a replacement.

3. Safety Risks Are Present

Any restaurant should make safety a top priority. And the safety of personnel and other physical assets may be gravely jeopardised by the ageing equipment. Hence, managers must identify appliances that are no longer safe to use. For instance, faulty electrical cafe equipment in Singapore has a greater risk of short-circuiting, which can cause a fire. Be cautious of exposed wires, missing switches, malfunctioning buttons, and the accumulation of flue gas. Moreover, to find a replacement for the ageing appliance, contact a food service equipment company.

4. Mould and Pest Infestation

Mould and pest infestation within your commercial kitchen equipment necessitate its replacement immediately. And if not routinely inspected and cleaned, old commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore is an ideal breeding ground for insects and moulds. It is a common problem with older, less frequently used kitchen appliances; if you have any of these items, you should assume they have pests and mould, which can disrupt their operation by damaging the wiring.

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